Art Loft Collective – Flagstaff, AZ

Paintbrushes and other art supplies in an art studio

Imagine, if you will, the streets of downtown Flagstaff Locals fuse with tourists to form a mass of gallery-goers and music listeners, restaurant patrons, and curious wanderers — each letting the crowd carry them from destination to destination.

While everyday life in Flagstaff’s historic center takes place mostly on ground levels, First Fridays unlock and demystify the creaky beautiful second and third floors of the town’s old brick buildings. The recently opened Art Loft Collective occupies the top floor above The Artists Gallery and FLG Terroir. A plant-dotted atrium overlooking the local wine bar is the first indication that you’ve almost arrived at the studio space and dream-come-true of local artist Ashley Matelski. “Art Loft started because I wanted to expand my studio space as a full-time artist and have a place I could share with the public and do art walks,” Matelski, who embarked on life as a full-time artist in February, said. The Art Loft Collective is a local hub to gather, teach, learn and show their work. Artist-owned and operated, it’s utilized as a shared studio space to provide workshops, classes, and gallery space to the community. Located in the heart of downtown Flagstaff on the top floor of an old historic building (the same building as The Heart Box, Flag Terrior & The Artists Gallery), come to eat good food, drink some wine, & check out an entire building of local art!) As a creative group of friends and artists, the collective is working to give individuals opportunities to help enrich the community through arts and visual culture. The work of local artists now covers almost every inch of open wall space. Haircutting stations are now replaced by large tables for Art Loft’s free, weekly Kids Class. What was once salon chairs and blow dryers substituted for sculptures, canvas, scaffolding, chisels, and paintbrushes. These spaces serve as a true inspiration to the art that prevails in Flagstaff. 

Art supplies, paint brushes and watercolors on the table.

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