Craft Kitchen

Springtime entertaining is all about bringing a touch of the outdoors indoors. You will want to have lush greens with a pop of colors in your table setting. My personal favorite is earthy tones paired with a formal chic tablecloth. I can’t say enough about the ambiance; what better way to set the mood than to use natural lighting. The warm glow of flickering candles is always a hit.
chef Jaret Blinn of craft kitchen has done it again
When you think of Spring, an explosion of flavors comes to mind. The sweet smells of floral and fresh fruity flavors alongside tender baby greens.
Chef Jaret of CRAFTkitchen has done it again. He has created a wine pairing menu that will have your taste buds working in overdrive. His flair for pairing flavors that showcase the subtle nuances of the wines is out of this world. These pairings allow the flavors to play off each other.
Craft Kitchen is a frontrunner in culinary genius and edible excellence. Using nothing but the best of ingredients, the master chefs at Craft Kitchen will whip up a delectable delicacy for Breakfast, Lunch, or a Brunch meal to make you sing. But like many of the monoliths of our time, CRAFTkitchen has rather humble beginnings. Opening their doors to the Henderson crowd in 2015, it’s hard to imagine just how far they’ve come in 4 short years. And while a lot has changed, much has stayed the same. Just like when they opened Craft Kitchen

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