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Aviva Gordon

When considering which business law firm to hire, it’s essential to find the right fit from an experience and expertise perspective — as well as feeling like you and your business are a priority and are going to get the attention from the senior attorney instead of being passed off onto recent graduates with little to no experience. It’s no exaggeration to say that the likelihood of success for your business can often rest on the team you build, including which attorney you choose to help you on matters ranging from entity formation to strategic planning to litigation if ever needed.

With that importance and seriousness in mind, we’re proud to announce that Gordon Law earns our commendation for top business in 2022. Their reputation is impressive, and their services are a shining light in the darkness for many clients. This results from how Gordon Law differs from many of their contemporaries. The ever-changing landscape of legality is trying to keep pace with the quickly accelerating speed of business. Because of this, the industry has become fixated on innovation rather than focusing on customer satisfaction. But not Gordon Law. | (702) 527-5557


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