Charging Innovation: Global Energy Solutions’ Approach to Business EV Charging Solutions

There is a force that drives business, which is greater than any other. More than supply and demand, more than investment, it is innovation. And no company embodies innovation more than Global Energy Solution Inc.


A Veteran Company and premier supplier of EV charging stations in North America, they are committed to helping businesses and organizations transition to a cleaner, more environmentally friendly future. It is through innovation that they are committed to saving the environment by reducing carbon emissions. But more than that, they want to help your business thrive, earn extra revenue, and bring in even more customers.

Global Energy Solutions (GES) believes in the importance of innovation’s power and versatility, living at the intersection of technology and practicality

and making the most advanced energy solutions accessible and convenient for residential and commercial applications.

This all sounds great, better than great even. But what does this actually mean for you, a business owner?

In addition to providing EV charging stations, they show you how to generate another revenue stream for your business. The future isn’t just green; it’s electric.

Generating additional revenue can be an enormous boon for a business owner. Gone are the days of putting up arcade cabinets in your restaurant or vending machines in your laundromat. Like gas at a gas station, you can charge customers a fee for using your EV charging station, even changing the price point as many times a day as you wish, allowing you to increase your rate based on your busiest hours.

However, there is so much more these EV chargers can do for your business. These charging stations include a digital display screen that can rotate messages or advertising! The federal government and the state offer businesses tax benefits and financial incentives for clean energy, putting money back in your pocket.

Beyond the revenue potential, getting an EV charging station will literally put you on the map. There are charging station apps that will draw dozens of new customers to you. These apps mark your business as an EV-charging-friendly location, allowing new or potential customers to discover your business.


And while these customers wait for their car to charge, they will need something to do in the downtime, increasing the amount of customer time spent in your business.

There are countless other upsides to working with Global Energy Solution Inc., from additional revenue to customer appreciation and greater visibility. Global Energy Solution Inc. is also excited to announce that they will offer commercial solar solutions soon, letting businesses create their own clean energy. Learn more by visiting their website or calling today. Don’t just go green; go electric.


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