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Welcome to our Premier Issue of Oconee Life+Style. We are so happy to be here and thrilled to be your source for all things local. We are inspired by the surrounding community and hope our highlights will inspire you!

Start Your Year Off Right With St. Mary’s Wellness Center

We are a medical fitness center focused on helping you reach your fitness goals, whether you are training for a full Ironman or maximizing your health after a heart attack, stroke or total joint replacement. We are here for everyone.

Clean gym: 10,000-square-foot fully equipped gym with plenty of cardiovascular and resistance training options. 

Great staff: Friendly, compassionate, knowledgeable staff who are focused on helping you achieve your goals

Memberships: For adults and teens of all ability levels

The Cresent City, New Orleans

Whether this is your first time in New Orleans or you’re a seasoned visitor, the city’s invigorating spirit is sure to inspire, captivate and motivate you to jump in and see and do so much. With so many options and many things to do all the time, narrowing the playing field can be a challenge. Think of it this way: divide how much time you have by what your priorities are – history, art, music, culture, and on and on – and then add in a bit of time for the spontaneous joy of the Crescent City’s calling card. Subtract a few hours for sleep, multiply your dining pleasure by at least three times a day, and you have the perfect equation for an unforgettable New Orleans experience. Here is where to start making decisions.


Oconess Life Plus Style Magazine January 2022 Issue


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