Kalifano Warehouse sale up to 80% off

Amongst the forum shops, nestled in the heart of Caesars Palace, is a shop that would be difficult to miss.


Leering through the windows are masterful sculptures, popular heroes, or transformers wrought out of iron and metal, next to beautiful crystals and glittering stones, ancient creatures captured eternally in fossils. And a name, emblazoned in the black stone, Kalifano. And Kalifano challenges what you define as art.

lex and his wife, Fahima, are the masterminds behind the incredible gallery supplying these incredible works of jewelry, metalworking, and art. But Kalifano started somewhere else.


Back in 1912 in New York, Alex’s grandfather actually opened up his store in New York City’s Financial District, where he sold furniture and women’s undergarments. A far cry from the incredible pieces in Alex’s gallery today! And generations of his family have been changing and working with that same idea—everything from traveling the American midwest selling watches and jewelry to flying into China and designing gemstone globes.


Kalifano was founded on the idea that there is no substitute for hard work, excellent quality, and superb customer service. Evolved from undergarments to recycled metal sculptures, moving from New York’s Financial District to the Las Vegas Strip, at its core, Kalifano is still about the same core beliefs. A family business that promises to treat you with dignity and respect and will work to provide unmatched customer service. We asked Alex for a quote regarding his approach, and he had this to say.


“Whether you are a head of state or a head of a household, whether you spend $10 or $10,000, know that we are honored to serve you and will cherish that responsibility every day.”

And how better to prove it than the incredible event happening on March 1st-March 4th and get up to 80% off?


You are cordially invited to come for the semi-annual warehouse sale. Please come over and see why Kalifano has been the largest direct importer of these incredible pieces in America since 1912, where the finest crystals, gemstones, fossils, and metal art are offered at wholesale prices to the public.


That means 50% up to even 80% off some of these pieces! Your collection, or your business, will thank you for stopping by.





MARCH 1-4, 2024 9AM – 5PM | 702.837.6812



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